Today I taught myself to use Survey Monkey in order to garner some information from my students. One of my goals this year is to improve our intranet site, this is where we store all of our class documents and teaching documents.
I have updated the sites, but am looking for feedback from students in order to understand what they would like on their site, or how they would like the sites to look. This will inform my next steps and allow me to develop an effective and usable site that students enjoy.
Survey Monkey is a simple surveying website. It is straightforward and easy to use. The basic package is free, but you can pay to upgrade should you need to. For my purposes the free package has everything I need to send out an electronic survey. Survey Monkey has ranking functions, multiple choice functions and paragraph answer functions, all you need to do is input your questions and how you would like them answered. There is also a question bank should you be looking for something more generic.