Imagine a world, far in the future, where there are two distinct societies, separated by a wall. On one side of the wall live the rich, the privileged, the well-off, and on the other, the poor, downtrodden. But is this perception or reality?
The Enclave demand a quota of babies from those outside the wall each month. This is done under the guise of giving these children a “better life”, but is it? Or do those outside the wall actually lead a freer, more wealthy existence?
Birthmarked is the story of Gaia Stone, a young girl from outside the wall. She is an only child as her two older brothers have been “advanced”. At 16 she is starting her career as a midwife, having studied under her mother’s tutelage.
One day Gaia’s mother and father are taken for questioning by the Enclave.
What follows is Gaia’s struggle to find her parents and uncover the truth about the quota and the Enclave. The first in the trilogy, this book is certainly a page turner. There was just one thing that let it down, poor editing. I can’t stand it when there are errors!
I would recommend this book for ages 12 and up. It has a bit of violence, and some tricky themes.