The Loblolly Boy is the story of a young boy who perceives the grass to be greener on the other side. It is the story of “Red”, and orphan growing up in the ironically named Cherry Orchard orphanage. He is bullied by the bigger boys, and all-in-all has a very disheartening life trapped within the high walls of the orphanage. That is, until he meets the Loblolly Boy. No one else, it seems, can see the Loblolly Boy, just Red. The Loblolly Boy tells Red that he can teach him to fly, just like him. Day after day Red tries to fly, jumping and hoping that he will just take off.

Then, one night, whilst Red and the Loblolly Boy are practising, the guards are alerted. The dogs are chasing them down, Red is trying to fly and suddenly, he is. He soars above the walls and looks down to see himself below, but he is not himself. He and the Loblolly Boy have changed bodies.

What follows is the tale of Red. Finding his family, and realising that life is not always better when you’re walking in another’s shoes.

It is a magical tale, with twists and turns that leave you wondering, what will happen next.

I think this is suitable for 10+ it has no swearing, no tricky relationship issues, nor drug and alcohol referencing.